Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The cause of and cure for all of life's problems

Taxes are going up next year .. [1]

MADISON — A new report estimates that property taxes in Wisconsin are going up over 4 percent this year.

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance estimates the increase will be 4.2 percent but final numbers won't be known until the spring. Last year the average statewide increase was 4 percent.

The Taxpayers Alliance says that school levies increased the most at 6 percent followed by technical colleges at 3.9 percent and counties at 3.2 percent.

Total levies were up the most in Green County at 11.3 percent followed by Dane and Crawford counties both at 8 percent. Five counties saw a reduction in levies, with Marquette at the largest with a 2.4 percent cut.

I, for one, am looking forward to the new services and extras that the various governments are going to provide for the extra cash that I am volunteering.

[1] The entire text from the Post Crescent is at the link: I would not click the link if I were you. In a desperate bid to do .. something ... the P-C has made their annoying website even more annoying.

When I clicked I was greeted with floating ads that had no 'go away' button. They hovered for a while then just before I reached out to close the page the ads just softly vanished with an effect like the Enterprise going to warp speed.
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