Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Technical Support - Oracle Style

I had a question about moving Agile PLM from Oracle AS to Weblogic.  I asked a question at the Oracle Community page.

 Geeta - a forum moderator in the Oracle Weblogic Server forum - wrote in a recent thread there ..

Also can you please check with the agile support team [1] regarding the 11g application server and agile server certification as 11g application server uses 10.3 weblogic server.

Supposedly there are all kinds of benefits to using AS 11g.

So ...  when will Agile PLM certify Application Server 11g with 9.3?

[1] It's a little weird to have an Oracle employee request that I check in with another set of Oracle employees.  Don't you guys talk to each other?

The reply.

Agile9.3 is certified for "only"  Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3 Standard or Enterprise Edition, for Weblogic appsvr platform.  for OAS appsvr platform, it is Oracle Application Server (iAS) 10gR3 (version Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition. A9.3 Capacity Planning guide has the details in this regard in the platform matrix.

I had to re-read that: it's a punchline to a joke about IT, come to life and lurching around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

We're paying money for quality answers like this.  At least he was prompt in his reply.

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