Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No Time For Sergeants

I have it on good authority from Hill sources that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will send Congress the letter tomorrow morning that will extend the Troubled Asset Relief Program through October 3, 2010.

They were pushing this on NPR's Morning Edition today.  A congress-critter [1] was on and asked how they'd use it to save jobs.

Hand to my heart he said 'We could give it to state and local governments to boost employment in government.'

If they're going to piddle around like this they might as well adopt the Nicaragua Plan and draft everyone into the Army.  Then we can all get to wear drab uniforms, mop floors, and bitch about sergeants for a living.

[1] Which one?  The name flew clean out of my head: one greedy pol sounds like another.  Pick a senior guy with a (D) after his name and the odds are good you'll have the right one.

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