Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays and sorry about that

Why, look at that: you've got a new screen for your Presario.  No, I will not install it for you.

Yes, I work in IT.  Why, then?

Like this:  The gear I work on is incredibly expensive - it's nothing to drop $15k on a low-end entry level system.  Talking systems that host software that runs a profitable and (for the times) prosperous organization.  I fancy that I'm pretty good at my job.  I've been doing for over a decade and have moved at a steady pace up the responsibility ladder.   My employer thinks I'm doing something right: they pay for a cell phone and internet access so I can be Johnny on the spot 24x7.

But that does not translate into actual competence swapping out hardware on a laptop.  That stuff is incredibly finicky and precise.  With itty-bitty screws and parts that do not tolerate a lot of ham-handedness.  The gear I work with tends to the large and bulky type, and is 'field replaceable'. This means you haul out the old, dead part and shove in the bright and shiny new one.

And most of the time I don't do that much.  It's under warranty: let the tech from Sun or NetApp or IBM do it.

Were I to even look at your laptop, I have no doubt it would shatter into a bazillion bits.

I sure wish I'd said this an hour ago before I shattered the zero insertion force keyboard harness in her laptop.

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