Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dreaming of airships and big-ass trucks

This morning's dream: I was driving in Door County. Took a call from my wife. She told me to drive west and look at the country there. So I did.

Perfect country-side: rolling terrain, a good mix of houses, farms, well-watered. Came to a town: it was perfect as well! Rounded a turn and found a harbor.

In the harbor was an incredibly huge airship, with a commercial company's name on the side. It was lifting a smaller - but still huge - crumpled airship out of the water. Sitting on the still water around the wreck were CH-46 aircraft.

As the incredibly huge airship lifted up and out to open water with the wreck I gawked and took pictures. Walked around a building and found a Marine engineer battalion with a dozen or so LVS vehicles with an incredible array of gear racked on the trailers: lots of cables and gear to enable working with heavy equipment. Whatever they'd been doing to get the wreck in shape for lifting .. they were done and packing up.

I don't know where this was.  But I'd like to go back.

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