Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Agile PLM Hot Fix 38

If you run Oracle Agile PLM and you applied Hot Fix 38 downloaded before October 13, 2010 it is broken. It is badRotten like week old tomatoes in the July sun.

It is important, I'm told, to stay away from so-called pony-tail software because it's not supported.  You buy software for the support, because the vendor will fix things when they break because you're paying them for that and they will deliver really good support because you're paying them for that.

This is fine until the model fails. Then you're dodging shrapnel and angry users.  And you're all 'What the hey?' because you've been spending a metric ton of money for support precisely so the thing does not blow up on you.

I spent - no joke - eleven days running this particular problem to the ground.  Spent hours and hours on the phone with a really nice German lady [1] from Montreal, poking at this and that.  We finally uncovered the specific .jar file that was the problem, then detected it went bad right after installing Hot Fix 38.  Then we realized that - shazam - the copy of HF38 she was using to install in her test system was different than the version of HF38 I had.

Then another Oracle support guy, in a forum, with respect to an unrelated problem, said  'Why, you must have HF38 installed!  We found out that was bad, like, months ago, and reissued it.  Golly.' They didn't actually tell anyone about this because it's more fun that way, figuring out things on your own? I guess?

[1] It is just a little bizarre to work your way through a voice mail system that speaks Quebecois French only to end up speaking to a lady wit a pronounced German accent, ya.
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