Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angry Andy Sez

. . . he sez f*ck the client server model, he sez.

Angry Andy
'Hey, nerd boy: get ma picture outta this here attachment server!'

Check it: In order to deliver Really Important Files to a user desktop I've got to support java clients (that can't be updated (past a version now two years old) or the whole mess breaks) a service that is only supported by the vendor on Windows [1] which in turn talks to an application framework, talking about six or seven disparate components that are supposed to just snap together like lego blocks.

As if. 

[1] For a core application that requires x9s of uptime, and delivers bits to users 24x7 in six countries.  It's like opening the hood on a semi-truck to find the fan belt is made of partially digested gummi bears.
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