Monday, February 28, 2011

Soldier Athlete

The Army has instituted a diet system in boot camp.  It's called 'Soldier Athlete' instead of something plebeian like 'common sense'.


Oh yes!  And - being the Army - they've got color codes.

Since some high-in-fat items are still on offer, the better-for-you fare is supposed to be reinforced through a new "Go for Green" labeling system wherein the foods that should be consumed sparingly, moderately, and daily are indicated by red, yellow, and green placards, respectively.

Because nothing says 'we think the enlisted are dumb as a bag of hammers' like officers putting up color coded placards to tell them stuff they already know.

Not to get all 'old man get off my grass' but what in the world are they doing in boot camp that they have a problem with people getting fat?  They're recruits.  A messman slops food on their tray.  If they're fat bodies, you slop less food.  You turn off the soda and the ice cream machines.  Give them about ten minutes to eat.

Then you run their ass from the mess hall to whatever is the next activity.  If Robert Recruit has managed to sneak extra portions in while at lunch, trotting to the next class on a full belly will take care of that real quick.

Via the Man from Arlington.
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