Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What happens in Marriage Encounter stays in Marriage Encounter

A brief interlude for God and relationship stuff.  Herself wrote . . .

What is important is I have control over what I do know now. I know that I am deeply in love with my husband. I know that I have some great friends and a wonderful life. I have been blessed and instead of sweating the small stuff I just need to trust that I'm not alone when I face them. I am at peace at this moment with the decisions I have made in my life. I have a renewal in the relationship with my husband and with my family. Life really is good.

Last weekend we had our marriage in for it's long-overdue checkup.  We have had our rough patches, we'll have them again but now I have Joy.  Peace.  I'm happy and while I am generally 'ok' I have not felt actually happy for a while.

A few years ago, I almost lost her: she came this close to slipping away in the operating room.  The feeling of relief I felt then, for her still being with me, is comparable to feeling I have, now, for our marriage.  It's alive!  Hallelujah!  What a terrifically grand feeling.

To our new friends, thank you!  It was not just her, it was not just I, it was your prayers and intercession with God, that made it all possible.

A relationship, a marriage is an entity that needs care, loving, regular maintenance, and God.  If you have not done so, go get yourself some God, get your marriage fixed up: invite Him into your marriage and rejoice.

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