Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reply to SB7

SB7 quoted a commenter on his blog. I'm putting it here because, for some odd reason I don't see his captcha or something.

Discounting the opinions of ~20k folks and telling them to go home,

Something I have noticed in video clips, but not much commented on - a not insignificant number of those at the capitol in Madison are kids from UW.

Now, some of them might be there on principle, or because they believe in the cause, but not a few of them appear to be there because it's exciting, it's a show, it beats sitting around the dorm.

I'd be there if I had copious amounts of free time and lived a short walk away: looks like fun.

But it's not that we should discount the 20k people but that their advocates appear to be saying "Look at all the people who showed up - you should bow to our will because the mobbe has spoken and be damned for the recent election: it's putting bodies in the street that counts."

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