Monday, August 08, 2005

Grokspace and Institute for Space Law & Policy

Because you can't do business without a legal framwork to protect your interests.

Institute for Space Law & Policy
The mission of the Institute for Space Law & Policy is to aid in creating the legal regime of free markets and property rights that will allow private enterprise, supported by sound public policy, to open the space frontier to all mankind.

In the model of Groklaw, the leading legal blog for the open source community, this dynamic Institute project will offer:
* A high-quality blog on space law and policy issues
* A public forum for the discussion of such issues among members of space-interested legal profession, the traditional aerospace industry, the entrepreneurial space community, the frontier movement and the general public
* A virtual library that not only brings together the wealth of existing but scattered resources on such issues, but also allows users both to add new content and to add value to content through comment & discussion

We encourage participation in Grokspace to help define the needs we seek to meet.

A milestone from Return to the Moon VI.
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