Saturday, April 29, 2006


Click here for a snapshot of your life in 1905. Enter your gender and your father's profession and see for yourself.

Brian Dunbar- you are a boilermaker!

You'll leave school at 16 and will go straight into the job which you'll do for the rest of your working life.

Career Prospects
You'll work as a boilermaker. With your fellow union members, you'll strike to
campaign for better working conditions and better pay but will be
disappointed by the slow rate of change.

Leisure Time
You'll spend a lot of time in the local pub - ale and porter (heavy beer) are
cheap. You'll read the newspaper as often as possible - you enjoy
reading stories about upper class extravagance and waste, they only
confirm your worst fears. You'll join a football team made up of other
workers and will play matches every weekend.

Living Conditions
Your wife and daughters will look after the home and do much of the shopping
at the back door. Meat will be a special treat for Sundays but
otherwise you'll have a diet of bread, with cheese or butter, margarine
or jam, lard or beef dripping.

Marital Relations
You'll be unfaithful to your wife whenever you get the chance.

World War One
You'll join the Navy as a stoker in the boiler room and will be killed at sea at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.

The past was not a Golden Age.

Via Man About Mayfair
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