Thursday, July 22, 2010

If you have sex you will get pregnant

"Wow, Uncle Brian," my nephew said. "I've never heard so many f-bombs in one sentence before."

This is why.

Daughter-niece Heather has a friend, N____.  N____ is pregnant.  N____ is fourteen.  The daddy, B____, is seventeen.  N____ is keeping the baby.  N____'s momma is very supportive.  N____ is keeping the baby.

All of this delivered to my ears in a very matter-of-fact tone in the car, just gossip.  Teens having babies happens all the time where Heather comes from.  It is the done thing for girls to have pupped out four or five children by as many boys before they've graduated high school.  It does not provoke condemnation, it does not lead to name calling or shaming or anything more than a muttered tsk, if that much. 

Somehow in the brain-housing group of an entire generation of children the idea that sex and making babies are the same thing has gotten lost.  There is sex.  It feels good.  Making babies is an accident. 

The tooth fairy has been replaced by the baby fairy.

My jaw dropped, my censor disengaged and out came the invective.

Ain't proud of it.  But I won't take it back, neither.  This shit has got to stop.

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