Friday, August 20, 2010

Before he finds out where my flanks are, I'll be cutting the bastard's throat

Boss: We're going to give you a brand-new system to admin.  It's a big deal, the head shed has bought in, the developers are rarin' to go.  If work was World War II, this would be the Third Army, getting ready to tour the the Third Reich.

Me: Sounds cool - what's the application?

Boss: BizTalk.

My old nemesis: Windows.  That krep always ends up being hard to manage, difficult to administer, expensive, a nightmare for every right-thinking system administrator who likes his weekends free of support calls.

Expecting Windows to be Enterprise anything is like asking Montgomery to step up the pace, like asking him to come up with a plan to invade Holland that does not involve driving hundreds of tanks down a one-lane road, on top of a dike.

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