Monday, March 07, 2011

* Politicians

Jesse Jackson Jr. 'Change the Constitution to provide every kid with an iPod and a laptop.'

J.J. Jr's intellectual twin, Donald Trump, is thinking about running for president, may God have mercy on the Republic.  He's either an idiot, or he thinks we are.

John Kerry wants to do a no-fly zone and only crater enemy runways.   Because you can do that without going to war.  I guess?  I don't know how blowing up parts of another country don't count as 'war', but I'm just a dumb grunt.  Also: that won't work: it takes about a heartbeat to fill in craters.  Also: if you think the Libyans are just going to let our sky warriors fly around and blow up runways without shooting back, you're dreaming.

That thing about fighting the last war, Senator?  You're supposed to do that with wars you won.

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