Monday, October 24, 2011


Government can't take out the trash efficiently. Solution: get rid of the trash cans.

The idea is to reduce the load on the authority’s overtaxed garbage crew, which is struggling to complete its daily rounds of clearing out 40 tons of trash from the system.

An idea only a bureaucrat or committee would embrace.

Look.  One person is going to be a good guy and carry his trash out of the subway.  A dozen people might.  Tens of thousands of people are a mob.  A mob will leave all kinds of crap behind.

Asked what waiting passengers would do without a garbage bin, Bianca
Thomas, 22, waiting for a Brooklyn-bound train at Eighth Street, pointed
straight at the track. “Right there,” she said, noting several plastic
water bottles strewn by the third rail. “They’ll more than likely toss
it. Nobody wants to walk around with trash in their hand.”


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