Sunday, December 23, 2007

The 21st century is an amazing place

If the Marines don't have these now, they will soon; R/C airplane, with real-time video feed to a goggled display on the ground. The operator can swivel the POV as desired.

Google Video 'Bromont golf club'

Not a UAV from Boeing, but a hobby job. I'll bet you could slap one together from off-the shelf parts for the cost of a fire-teams's worth of small arms. Rockin'. There might be problems ...

Captain Cool: Sergeant, I need you to recon hill 465. Strap on your goggles and get airborne over the target by 1345. Go in low and slow and loiter - I need imagery crisp and clean. S4 has laid in a req for more birds from Brigade so if they do bring one down, no biggie.

Sergeant Schmuck: Aye-aye, Sir.

CC: And .. the Colonel shot me an email a few minutes ago. He said bravo zulu for spotting the fire mission this morning but knock off the victory rolls - the Air Force is getting jealous.
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