Thursday, December 06, 2007

Java bugs me

What the ever loving heck?

We have an application that takes data from one system, magics it to be xml and posts it to a directory. Some time later a process from another server picks it up. Vendors and customers can also pick it up so it's gotta be available via FTP.

No problem - we do this all the time - we are not a financial services firm but we do ship data to and fro on a regular basis so we're not exactly new to this. The files and directories are hosted from a NAS storage array because those files can get big and doing it that way, while it was a pain to setup, is easy to manage.

All of our systems that write data to be shared do it the same way - it's a process we have. We make stuff - process is what we do.

Except this application, a new version of which we're installing, when writing files, seems to insist that the user owning the process must also be the owner of the directory Not owner

Heck the user can touch files there

# touch foo
# ls

But can Java? Oh Hell no.

Because it's it's NAS and because we have about eleventy-dozen operating systems writing files there, the permissions to allow access to that directory can be complicated so we tread with care when changing things.

I asked the developer to call the vendor and ask 'how can you do this'. I assume the vendor's response will be to gaze meaningfully into the distance, hum a bit and pretend to be intelligent. Then I'm going to dig up the documentation and very very carefully edit the permission file allowing data to flow to that directory.

But first I'm going on a date with my wife. It's movie night.
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