Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's good to be King, baby

I also think the Eloi-Morlock distinction may show some changes over time. The first generation of “Tunnel of Oppression” designers may be highly literate and text-oriented, basing their ideas on the reading of people like Foucault–but ten years later, the Tunnels of Oppression may well be designed by people whose own ideas were formed by earlier Tunnels of Oppression, films, and other sensial interfaces.
Then those second generation tunnel builders cease to be Morlocks and become Eloi who only think they know what is going on. That will work until there is a change in the foundation of the whole works and Eloi in charge will have no idea how to fix things.

Then the Morlocks can step in, set things aright and things will go on as before.

If the change of pace continues as it has for the last fifty years (or longer) the foundations of the tunnels will always be changing.

It’s a good era to be a Morlock.

Haven't read 'In the Beginning was the Command Line'? You're missing out.
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