Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Which HeavyInk founder am I most like?

Which HeavyInk founder am I most like? Damn this is scary ...

I'm most like TJIC, the President

You are most like TJIC, the founder of HeavyInk. You like to read and watch science fiction, in the comfort of your own home (who wants to go outside when there are books, dogs, and computers so close to the fireplace?). Skateboarding, frisbee, and travel all sound like great ideas...if only there was some way to do them while surfing the web. People often let you have your way, but it's not clear whether this is because of the obvious correctness of your opinions, or your membership at the local rifle range. Someday you're going to write a great science fiction novel...right after the last customer feature request has been added to HeavyInk.

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I like travel, but not the part about leaving the wife and kids behind. I am not a member of the local rifle range and I have no ambition to write an SF novel, nor do I work for HeavyInk. Close enough, then! Take the test - it's easy and only has a handful of buttons to push.
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