Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vendor Follies

Hi, I'm reinstalling an application server. The license key doesn't work. This is the key: REDACTED

Vendor: That's a version 9213 key, you need a 9214 key.

I don't have one of those. But we did upgrade from 9213 to 9214 six months ago ..

Vendor: Right, you need a 9214 key. Copy the key from your 9214 environment and use that.

The version 9213 key is the only one I have. So I can run an existing server with an obsolete key, but I can't install a new one. I sure am glad I'm having this problem now and not on a weekend with flaming chunks of server falling around my ears and crazed users pounding on my door wanting their critical application restored right now! Because if I were having this conversation then I'd be really pissed irate instead of bemused.

Three cheers for licensing schemes that work sorta kinda sometimes.

This isn't really appropriate for this, but it is funny.
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