Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tis Two Nights Before Christmas - A Poem

She's a poet - and she knows it.

'Tis Two Nights Before Christmas...

Tis two nights before Christmas and all through the house
Not a sign of one ornament, I must be a louse.
The presents are unwrapped all lying on the bed,
and thoughts very un-Christmassy still run through my head.
The tree still undecorated, only lights lit.
I guess i should get up and try to fix it.
But if only I could forget the presents I must wrap
and put them in Wal-Mart bags, be done with this crap.
The children are waiting to see what Santa brings,
but I have been ready to be done with these things.
But the children keep me going and I know I must try
to keep up tradition, so I'll start now with a sigh.
I'll decorate the tree, make cookies, and smile.
I'll try to remember celebrations aren't a trial.
And when Santa shows up with his red sack filled with toys
He'll find our house ready with happy little boys.
And he'll know that in spite of the cold and the snow,
I'll open my heart and mind and go with the flow.

So Merry Christmas my friends that are both far and near.
I may sound hum-buggy, but I wish you good cheer.
May you find every wish that you have in your heart,
and I hope that your New Year has a wonderful start.

Merry Christmas!
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