Friday, August 24, 2007

A good question - the Left and Sex

Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz has a good question
Some time ago, I made a humorous throwaway observation that Democrats didn’t believe in individual freedom of choice except in matters pertaining to sexuality.

At the time, I thought the statement a mere comedic exaggeration. As a libertarian, I consider each political ideology a mixed bag. Each political group gives freedom with one hand and takes it away with the other. I assumed that a little honest examination of all the Left’s policy positions would quickly reveal many areas completely unrelated to sex in which the Left advocated letting individuals make the decisions about what or what not to do.

However, to my disquiet, I cannot think of a single one! I honestly cannot think of a single non-sexual area in which the contemporary Left advocates letting individuals decide what or what not to do.

Can anyone else?
I’m really serious about this. If you can think of an area please say so. If you can’t, ask around your leftist friends and contact me at

More at the link - it's a good question. The three people who read this blog are evenly divided Left, Right and Lib so ... what do y'all think?
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