Wednesday, August 22, 2007


We are lucky enough to have Samuel Pepys diary to inform of us of what daily life was like in London after the Restoration.

Up and abroad, doing very many errands to my great content which lay as burdens upon my mind and memory. Home to dinner, and so to White Hall, setting down my wife at her father’s, and I to the Tangier Committee, where several businesses I did to my mind, and with hopes thereby to get something. So to Westminster Hall, where by appointment I had made I met with Dr. Tom Pepys, but avoided all discourse of difference with him, though much against my will, and he like a doating coxcomb as he is, said he could not but demand his money, and that he would have his right, and that let all anger be forgot, and such sorry stuff, nothing to my mind, but only I obtained this satisfaction, that he told me about Sturbridge last was 12 months or 2 years he was at Brampton, and there my father did tell him that what he had done for my brother in giving him his goods and setting him up as he had done was upon condition that he should give my brother John 20l. per ann., which he charged upon my father, he tells me in answer, as a great deal of hard measure that he should expect that with him that had a brother so able as I am to do that for him. This is all that he says he can say as to my father’s acknowledging that he had given Tom his goods. He says his brother Roger will take his oath that my father hath given him thanks for his counsel for his giving of Tom his goods and setting him up in the manner that he hath done, but the former part of this he did not speak fully so bad nor as certain what he could say. So we walked together to my cozen Joyce’s, where my wife staid for me, and then I home and her by coach, and so to my office, then to supper and to bed.

If we are un-lucky we'll be represented in the 24th century by Rosie O'Donnell.

or the day before
the people who do r money
called to say DO NOT WORRY
which sent us into a panic
up down red black wtf

money makes the world go around
the world go around
the world

tonight dinner in so beach
a very gay city
kel and i
in r pt cruiser - top down

we had just finished eating
about to head home
2 2 many people

came a bald screaming infuriated man
it’s always a man
i tell ya

i stood next to his hog
when kel backed out
so as not to hit it
i ride

as i buckled my belt
he ran towards r car

“chill dude -
we didn’t touch it”
his eyes were wild
stretched open wide

he got madder
pupils big - snorting like a dragon
he screamed

the trump card

and we r supposed to cower
to fall 2 r knees ashamed
not good enough

not tonight
mr bald muscle man
with a pimped out hog
not tonight

i stood up in the front seat
hands above my head
smiled and yelled

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