Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bleg - Agile PLM - F5 - Web Logic

I've got Agile PLM v 93, WebLogic Server and a F5 Big-IP LTM.

Windows client is fine. Java client does not work : "Can't find server".

F5 LTM is a standard component to stick in front of a WLS cluster.

I've got about a day left to figure out why or I've got to junk WLS (and a metric ton of work) and install OAS. Which is like taking several giant steps backwards: OAS is a big giant suck of pain and tears and heartbreak.

Oracle can't officially help for understandable, but frustrating, reasons. We did a conference call with a clued-in guy (Hi, Frank!) from the Oracle consulting group who agrees with our assessment: it's not Agile's problem, but the F5.

F5 does not see a problem with the configuration.

Is anyone using an F5 LTM with Agile 93 / WLS?

Does your java client work?

What is the secret?

June 19 2010 Update. It's fixed.

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