Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pin the flowchart to my chest - tell the gunny I done my best

It’s fun extemporaneously editing song lyrics in real time when children are present to achieve a PG rating.


I spent four years in the infantry, lateral moved to the 4000 (data processing MOS) field. In the infantry you could be coarse. It was a feature! If you were not in the infantry the rules were different. At computer school the instructors had us out on a run, called me out. I sang a jody ...

If I die on the Russian front,

The lead instructor whipped his head around, gave me such a look. Oh yeah, we're at Quantico. I completed the line

Bury me in Russian you-know-what.

The Marine Corps, late 80s, early 90s edition, puzzled me, sometimes.

We could train to kill people and break their hearts but could not sing raunchy call-response songs for fear of offending ... I am not sure exactly who. The enemy?

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