Thursday, September 30, 2010

The King of Slack

There have been, I have no doubt, enlisted guys who have cut themselves more slack than Our Hero. Snuffies who have run bigger scams. Our Hero had the sweetest run of slack and scam that it has been my privilege to witness.

Like this: Computer Sciences School (MCCSS) at Quantico was at the time located on the second floor of a specially-built computing facility, far, far from the company office. When an enlisted man assigned to CSS requested leave it was approved by someone at CSS. The clerk would run the paperwork to the company office, where the records were kept, and the clerks there would do their data entry magic.

Our Hero was the clerk for CSS. You are ahead of me, I'm sure. He would request leave for a day here, a few days there. It would be approved. The paperwork, would depart CSS, evaporate on the way to the company office.

He ran this scam for most of a year before EAS. Built up quite a stock of leave time to sell back to the Corps. And while, when actually present for duty, he worked as hard as any clerk ever does, he was remarkably bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a guy who had officially worked 10 hours a day for a year without a break.
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