Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shave and a haircut

In 1989, I re-enlisted in the Marines.  In exchange for another four years of service, I was guaranteed a lateral MOS from from 0311 to 4063.  One thing I never understood nor got used to was some of my fellow REMFs attitude to being on the range, with guns.

You get out of the office for the day.  You get to make things go bang.  You get paid for it.  How is this not heaven on earth?

Did an M60 range one day.  Nothing ambitious - sit on the line, the gun on it's bipod, everyone sends a belt or three down range at enemy barrals and logs.  We had much ammunition left after everyone did their mandatory course of fire.   Turning in ammo is a pain, can't throw it away: gotta use it up.

The instructor could find only three volunteers to burn up the rest of the ammo - himself, me, a former 0331 turned logistics guy. Had a blast tearing up the targets, playing shave-and-a-haircut, shredding bits of North Carolina scrub.

Everyone else was all 'can't we just go home' and 'waaah it's raining' and 'ew I don't wanna get muddy'.  I never hated my fellow clerks and jerks more than on that day

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