Friday, January 14, 2011

Too Dumb To Fight, To Ignorant To Work

Sez here that a fourth of people who tried to join the military failed the written exam.

While the army can do something about the overweight applicants (by giving out diet plans and holding physical training exercises for the willing), there is not much they can do cheaply, and quickly, for those who learned little in high school. Moreover, the fact that a quarter of your "educated labor force" really isn't ready to handle technology (and more learning) means two things. One, employers are either going to be short of the people they need, and, two, some employers will be forced to spend more on educating new hires. This isn't easy, because many of those uneducated high school grads are not keen on more "education," having experienced so much failure with it already.

Make that three things: we're going to see some kick-ass automation running restaurants and factories and everything else because too many of the guys coming 'round to apply will be too damned ignorant to earn a wage.

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