Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The same decision further states that government may impose ‘reasonable’ regulation of weapons. No serious person can maintain that allowing a man with mental health problems ready access to a concealed semiautomatic weapon with a combat clip is ‘reasonable.’”
Absolutely! Instead, let’s allow him access to cars that he can drive into crowds!

Indeed. YT happened to be hanging around when a chick who lived just down the road from where I was stationed stopped taking her meds and drove her car into the front gate.

The only person she manged to hurt was herself: the front gate had been beefed up after 1983 to stop truck bombs.

At any rate her Fiero crumpled like a tin can, the motor came loose, trapped her inside. And with the car spang across the gate the Navy could not get it's rescue vehicle out to extract her, so we had to call the local VFD and oh GOD about eleventy-dozen volunteers turned up to see the show.

Fun times. Where was I?

Oh yeah: spent eight years in the Marines. Two 'experiences' with folks trying to hurt me: once with a gun, once with a car. Ain't the tool, it's the nut wielding the tool.
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