Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tab Clearing

I am a soldier. I am dirt.  Read the whole thing.

Rachel Was Wrong: Agrochemicals' Benefit to Human Health and the Environment

Lest Darkness Triumph by L. Neil Smith

Abuse of Power in the Executive Branch

NixOS. A linux for system administrators and other people who just want to get things done.

The Privatization of Roads and Highways (PDF)

UC Berkeley Librarian To Daily Cal Sex Columnist: 'Please Don't F*ck In The Library'  Sow what you reap, lady.

Licking The Envelope (An easy guide on how to use PGP ENCRYPTED E-MAIL)

The ends of humanity: Socialism is dead, and the transhuman future looms. Is there any way to recover a sense of global purpose?

There is an Ender's Game movie in the works. I cannot imagine how it could be faithful, or even good when scenes as described below are integral to the plot.  A pre-teen brutally maiming his opponent, without heat, and with a great deal of careful consideration, should be too raw for the cinema, nu?.

Despite his desperate circumstances, Ender coolly reads Bonzo’s character and manipulates him into fighting one-on-one. Once the fight begins, Ender easily beats Bonzo to a pulp, without himself even getting scratched: when it comes to the test, Bonzo the formidable adversary is stupid and incompetent, or his rage makes him stupid and incompetent. Up until now Ender has shown himself to be vastly superior to Bonzo in mental combat; now he shows himself to be equally superior in physical combat. Yet even when it is clear that Ender has already won the fight, Ender persists in maiming Bonzo in order to insure there are no future attacks.

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