Thursday, December 13, 2012

You can't kill me - I'm having a dinner party

The Perfect Host with David Hyde Pierce: a little slice of awesome movie.  Joe Bob sez 'Check it out'.

Joe Bob also sez 'don't watch the trailer' and 'don't look up spoilers'.  The trailer sucks.  You only need to know this;

It is part dark comedy, part thriller, part head drama.  There is a bad guy.  There is a fussy little man giving a dinner party.

There are twists, turns, 'what the' moments.  They caught my wife by surprise, which these kinds of things do not usually do.  Judging by that, these were executed very deftly.

You remember David Hyde Pierce from 'Frasier' as Niles Crane, where for a decade he played a dandy in a sitcom.  A fop.  You can't get away from Pierce as a fussy little man - he looks like a fussy little man.  But he is not Niles in the movie.  And it is very, very, good.

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