Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man up, Mark

In which a letter is published and I am irked to profanity.
Sir: I'm one of the many "lurkers" (i.e. Babylon 5) on you're site, and as such, I'm hangin' on by my fingernails, which BTW, seem to have stopped growing...metaphorically speaking. Given that, I would point out that while DESPAIR may well be a SIN, it sure as hell is not a choice, and I'm just sick of it. The old saw " You may not be interested in WAR, but WAR is interested in you" is analogous to DESPAIR. I did not choose DESPAIR, I was born with it, and after over half a century on God's Grey Earth , my cup overflows.... DESPAIR is the proper name for TERRAFIRMA.... A title for your next book... Be Well, and post this if you so deem...

Best regards, Mark Xxxxxx

Dear Mark,

Your internal mental state is your choice. You can choose to despair and die, or choose to be optimistic and live.

Reach down, grab a-hold. Deep breath. Saddle your own horse, cull your own herd, shoot your own dog.  Own your problems.  Despair is for losers.

Man the .. fuck .. up .. is what I'm saying.  You're embarrassing yourself.


Brian Dunbar
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