Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rose Fernandez for State Superintendent - and an agenda

Rose Fernandez

I'm not sure what the other candidates [1] for State Superintendent of Public Instruction are up to, but Rose Fernandez is coming out with new talking points.

A few days ago we had a plan for
Milwaukee Public Schools.  Today we've got an actual agenda.

The Rose Fernandez Taxpayer Protection / School Spending Priority Agenda

  • Support levy limits that have restrained the growth in property taxes.
  • Continue to empower local communities to have the ability to exceed levy limits through referenda.
  • Advocate for a merit pay system that rewards good teachers and moves poor performing teachers out.
  • Reduce administrative expenses and devote more resources to pupil instruction.
  • Governor Doyle and his team have been working for several years on reworking the school funding formula. Rose is hopeful that any changes will focus on directing expenditures to promote improved student performance.
  • Understanding we can not afford to go back to the 1980s where mediation-arbitration awards led to skyrocketing property taxes, Rose believes school districts should maintain the ability to make a qualified economic offer to avoid arbitration in a way that allows them to move to a merit pay approach.

  • It's as if there is an election next month or something and Mrs. Fernandez is (gasp) sincere about making things happen after she's elected.

    Space4Commerce is not associated with Rose Fernandez or Families for Rose Fernandez.  We just like her a whole bunch.

    [1] You may be forgiven for not remembering who they are: Tony 'No Content' Evers, Lowell Holtz, Todd Price and Van 'Token Conservative' Mobley.
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