Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Run down south and get some sun

Little Monkey has fully internalized Wisconsin humor. This is natural - whatever memories he has of Texas and it's warm, balmy breezes, the rolling black prairie burning under a bronze sun ... they're faint and distant. All he knows is snow, ice, long winters and summers that are perfect but far too short.


Monkey and I were watching the weatherman on the local news. I was paying minimal attention - cold today, cold tomorrow yadda-yadda. He jabbed me.

We should go to Fond Du Lac.

Hunh? Why?

It's warm there.

And he smiled.  It was 7 in Fond Du Lac. It was 1 here.

So I guess to warm up we'll just run south to Fond Du Lac and take in the sun, ya betcha.
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