Monday, January 12, 2009

Rose Fernandez - Superintendent

Accept the premise: we gotta have a Department of Public Instruction.

And if we gotta have one, we outta have one that's run by someone competent, a lady who has put her skin in the game working for kids and doing the right thing last year to save public virtual charter schools in Wisconsin.

Because, really, having to fight the education 'crats last year was frustrating. Aren't they supposed to want better schools? Students that excel? Kids that love their school?

Well, you'd think. But if you think that of the DPI under Elizabeth Burmaster, you'd be wrong.[1]

Rose Fernandez by you.

Why Rose? Because more of the same sucks.  Our kids deserve better.

Let's Change DPI

Rose Fernandez Announces Candidacy for DPI (Video)

Rose Fernandez Info Sheet

Rose Fernandez - Twitter

Even .. FaceBook

[1] How's that generous use of italics workin' for you?
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