Sunday, January 04, 2009

Throwing shit at heavily armed Jews is a bad idea

MacLeod writes

In the interests of balance ...
Both sides of the story, shown here.

And what he links to is a horrorshow of Palestinian bodies, blood and tears at the hands of the IDF, juxtaposed with harmless and homemade missiles lobbed by the Pals into Israel hurting .. nobody.  Why, some of those pictures might even be fake.

The idea that them Hamas fellers is just a bunch of Huck Finns and Tom Sawyers throwing harmless pipe bombs around and hurtin' nobody seems somewhat implausible given the suicide bombers and explosives and 'Death to Jew' chants employed by Hamas but whatever.

What I saw in that photo montage and in the news is that the Pals are acting like like inept tools and the Israelis are employing violence with precision, determination and skill.

Yo, Hamas: a high civilian body count means you're doing it wrong.

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