Monday, January 26, 2009

Wisconsin State Superintendent - Evers, Price, Mobley and Fernandez in the news

With a whopping three weeks left before the election, Tony Evers finally updated his website.   With issues.  Tony - welcome to the 21st century!  On the downside, the old links are now broken.  There are ways around that ...

Van "Conservative Choice" Mobley wants to raise taxes.  What?
On the first question on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now (television so good they oughtta sell commercials), Dr. Van Mobley answers the school funding question by suggesting we get the money from
increasing the state sales tax, and then says he would "like" that it be done with a cut in the property tax.

So ... the new conservative message is to .. raise taxes.  You gotta do what you gotta do but ... this is the conservative choice?  Seriously?

Todd Price on WPR this morning said as State Superintendent he is going to campaign for a Constitutional Ammendment to make sure every school gets equal funding.

Doesn't the state superintendent of a middlin'-sized mid-western state have better things to do?  Like ... worry about the schools right here and now instead of a motion to amend the national charter that has about zero change of passage?

Meanwile S4C's choice for State Superintendent - Rose Fernandez - continues to plug ahead, driving the debate.  She's got this going for her: during the last session of the Lege, there was one major bit of legislation that was truly bi-partisan and was fully supported by all comers - after massive politiking and jockeying and hoss trading.

And she was in the middle of it all, and key to getting it done.

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