Saturday, October 08, 2005

Iraq and Terror

Fred asks an interesting question at A VC.
It really begs the following question:

Are we safer or in more danger because of our war in Iraq?
I've replied in his thread, but wanted to post this here; it doesn't matter, and the question is, on reflection, foolish. Sorry Fred.

We can't know the answer. We can't go back to the last save point and try it again. We are where we are. A better way to phrase that question is Now What Do We Do?

I submit that, all said and done, winning is better than loosing. We're better off with a regime friendly to our interests than the regime ante bellum. We can win the current campaign in Iraq; the Army and Marines have learned their lessons from past defeats (and victories) and they're not dumb at the art of warfighting.

It will cost and the butcher's bill, while small in the grand scheme of things, will be tragic and a loss for all concerned.

That it may not be the wisest course of action is open to debate - but we can win this campaign.

There, done. I'm going to stay well away from politics from here on in. Unless it relates to really important things like the space access industry.
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