Sunday, October 09, 2005

Windows 2000 vs. FreeBSD 4.x

I have a Thinkpad. I had installed FreeBSD on early in 2004 for a project at work. Installation was unremarkable, bar fiddly problems with the display drivers and power management. The former was fixed by hacking the X config file, the latter by recomiling the kernal with the APM specific mods. Both fixes were (if memory serves) found with a few minutes of searching on Google. And it didn't keep me from using the thing.

Time passes. Now the Thinkpad needs to be a Windows machine again. I put in Windows 2000 Pro, install and ... the video is messed up. Fine, I can download the drivers from IBM. No, I can't. The ethernet drivers don't install, and appropriate drivers are not on the installation disk.

Yes, I know, use the restoration disk that came with the laptop. I'll have to find it of course.

Two Operating Systems, both install from a single disk. One simply works after install, the other requires a ton of effort going to the vendor for driver and so on. And the majority of users are running Windows machines .. why?
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