Monday, September 21, 2009

Pearls Before Swine

Egypt. A few guys at the top thought that killing all of the pigs would stop swine flu [1].  What it did do is create a huge garbage problem in Cairo.  A despised minority was hauling away the garbage to pick through it for goodies and pig chow. 

No pigs, no incentive to haul away the garbage.

It has exposed the failings of a government where the power is concentrated at the top, where decisions are often carried out with little consideration for their consequences and where follow-up is often nonexistent, according to social commentators and government officials.

Hooray for the power of centralized bureaucracy to screw things up.

[1] One might suspect there is a an ulterior political motive at work.  Per Wikipedia, they'd be right.  Pity that did not make into the NYT article.

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