Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newt Gingrich makes it difficult

I've written off the GOP candidates for President.  What they promise to bring is big(ger) government, expanding bureaucracy, endless war in the third world ... well the guy in the White House now is doing a bang-up job of that, already.  Why trade horses in mid-stream, I say.

But Newt went and made it real difficult.  Promised a moon base by 2020.  Said we'd do it by using private industry, offering prizes.

"Whereas the Congress has determined that an American owned Lunar Colony is in the national interest, the first American owned company that shall place 31 American on the surface of the Moon and keep them there alive and well for a period of three years and one day shall be paid a prize of $7 billion dollars."

View 372 July 25 - 21, 2005

Which would get 'er done, if it can be done. 

A moon base, infrastructure to deliver things there, a solid foundation to an actual space age, getting some of our eggs out of this basket.

Oh, elbow room, elbow room.
Got to, got to get us some elbow room.
It's the moon or bust,
In God we trust.
There's a new land up there!

Elbow Room - Schoolhouse Rock

Now how am I supposed to NOT vote for this guy?

Not that I have any actual worries on this score.  The GOP will come to their senses, nominate Romney.  Who will a) promptly loose to the Current Occupant or b) Win the election and then continue the program currently in progress.

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