Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well what _about_ Gary Johnson?

A cousin of mine sent me an email last night about Gary Johnson. I hadn't heard of the guy, but I checked out his website.

Says he was a governor and wants to cut spending, legalize marijuana and legalize gay marriage. Fine by me, I guess. Never really gave that stuff much thought. I keep my head down and put food on the table, maybe hunt a little and take my wife out for dinner once in a while.

Johnson was a handyman? That's cool. Successful businessman? Even better. Never raised taxes and they called him "Governor Veto." Whoa, this guy climbed Mount Everest and built his own house! Now, that's awesome. Sounds like my kind of guy: Tough, independent and minds his own business.

I might send this email to a few friends. I know this one who was all ticked one day. He was like, "They're all a bunch of crooks."

He might like this Gary Johnson fella. Seems like a regular joe to me. Except for the Everest thing.

Hey, what about Gary Johnson?

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