Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tab Clearing

Aaron Sorkin Is Ready to Masturbate All Over Your HBO With The Newsroom  I can't think of a more Sisyphean mission than to try and restore America's faith in the media with a fucking TV show. Yes, reporters used to be depicted as good guys in pop culture, and that's because pop culture back then was naive and stupid.

The Mastering Emacs Reading Guide

The Ultimate Collection of Emacs Resources 

Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking
  I'm not staring vacantly into space, I'm working. Most of the time.

Why the Future Never Gets the SF Right - Michael Flynn  ... anyone who thinks the main basic function of SF is to commit journalism on the future will be perennially disappointed.

Air Force’s Top Brain Wants a ‘Social Radar’ to ‘See Into Hearts and Minds’

The Harvard Classics - in handy digital form.

Wikipedia protest is 'foolish', says Twitter boss

The Iraq War, the Next War, and the Future of the Fat Man

The Rise of the Praetorian Class

Newsweek: Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?  The article is okay. The cover makes it clear that nothing would give the editors of Newsweek greater joy than to drop their collective knees and give the President (D) a right good sucking.

The Cambered Hand Push Up.

Schlep Blindness.

Ideas: Mormon Candidates, Gay Marriage, and Polygamy.

I had no idea judges could order grown men and babies to be executed.   Funny ol' world.

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