Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today I learned how to tell Redhat to run a bit of software as a service.

Init script, I've done those: no problem.
Read an inch deep on the Redhat's little ways of making init scripts run as services: easy-peasey.
Puppet module to drop the script and some other bits [1] in place: check.

Pride before fall.  'service blah does not support chkconfig' I was told.

It means that, in hindsight, the RHEL-centric init script examples I glanced at were suspiciously well documented.

In every sh script you will look at, and many you don't, this means 'remark'.  Documentation.  A note to your future self.

# chkconfig: 2345 95 05

In Redhat-land it means 'hey, chkconfig, this is the run level and priorities for the script you are running'.


Chase that idea around: in every sh file on your computer - and there are a metric f*ck-ton of them - '#' is 'remark' except for one very special set of sh files used by one very special program on boot.

Who thought this was a good idea, and can I meet this man because I admire his sense of self and certainty.

I'll probably find out, now, that this makes a depressing amount of sense.  Maybe '#' really was not meant for 'remark' and this is the only instance remaining in the world where it is used correctly and everyone else is wrong, wrong, wrong.

[1] But not deploying software.  Not yet.  Non-RPM packaged software is just out of my reach.  For now.

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