Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Pay Off

Spending the last three months learning Puppet is starting to pay off.

Learned the puppet 'language' which is Ruby.  More-or-less.  Wrote some really lame classes. Re-wrote them. Spent some time learning how not to use the tool.  I'm now on the third or fourth iteration of that cycle.  Got things humming along in a pilot.  Now I'm pushing it to production ...

Last night I extracted a host from template.  This morning I added the classes to it's .pp file, launched the agent and .. thirty minutes later I had a host running with all of our company-specific bits on it, security locked down, postfix running correctly, and so on and so forth.

A day-long process [1] now completes in thirty minutes.  One minute of typing, twenty-nine watching the server configure itself.  Click and go, man.  Click and go, baby.

[1] Three man-hours but honestly, it's really hard around the office to just do one thing for three hours without interruption.  So we'll call it 'a day'.

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