Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Now I have that off my chest

Re: It is all Lee's fault

Rick C: *cough* So you don't refer to it as "the war of Northern aggression," I assume.

I don't even know anyone who was killed in the American Civil War and the subject irks me.  Bothers me to visit quiet country graveyards, and see so many markers of young men under the sod.  Pisses me off, thinking of the waste, and ruin that follow armies like a plague.

The Confederacy was led by evil, stupid, men, founded on an evil, loathsome, institution.  They were wrong to hold slaves, stupid and wrong to secede.

The Union was wrong, wrong, wrong, to distort the constitution out of true to force the Secessionists back into the Union.

The only, only, good that came out of that war was ending the wicked practice of slavery. 

And, perhaps, making this country, in the long run, a more sane, humane, and civilized place to live.

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