Saturday, March 31, 2007


From Human Iterations

I just slapped up a listserv to clear up communications between those of us looking into and planning some sort of anarchist presence in Low Earth Orbit. I've fired off invites to most of the folks involved in the email discussion so far, but if you're even tangentially interested in building a microsatellite for hactivist uses we'd love to have you sign on. Right now we're just testing the waters in a very preliminary fashion. We could use more folks of technical inclination, but experience with linux servers, cryptography, electronics and orbital mechanics isn't necessary by any means, the technical details look pretty easily surmountable. Ultimately the only real constraint is one of interest.

So if you're interested, join the discussion!

Once upon a time, space programs were solely the endeavor of nation states. Lately, however, prices have fallen. Nowadays, making and launching an artificial satellite is the stuff of university student projects with budgets of circa USD $60,000-$85,000 if we're talking about a cubesat -- a micro-satellite standard for small projects. Cubesat kits are available for approximately USD $5000.
Interesting. It's tempting to dismiss them out of hand but the idea of course. Yet .. even if they don't pull it off I think we're seeing a glimpse of the future; Space as just another place to do your thing. Make a political statement, do business, make a fortune, fly to the moon .. it's a tantalizing future.

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