Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dr. Helen Caldicott - Delay Fish

Listened to the last five minutes of this show in the car
For Program On: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 at 5:00 PM
Ben Merens' guest warns against the dangers of using weapons in space. Guest: Helen Caldicott, co-founder, Physicians for Social Responsibility. President, Nuclear Policy Research Institute. Author, "War in Heaven: the Arms Race in Outer Space."
I'm still not certain if Dr. Caldicott is as whacked out as she sounded. Maybe she was tired.  But ... not terribly logical, came across as, frankly, a bit flighty.  And boy could she not answer a question ..
Caller: What is to keep terrorists or rogue nations from sending up missiles and destroying our satellites in orbit with fl├ęchettes they could run into?
Dr. Caldicott (long ramble paraphrased): Well dear boy there is already a lot of man-made debris we've put up there already and things are working just fine we've got GPS and satellite TV ...
At that point my drive was done.  I think the point was going to be that things are just fine the way they are now this kind of thinking is just foolish talk.

God help me I may have to listen to their audio stream when it becomes available, to see if my ears have deceived me.
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