Saturday, March 03, 2007

James Burke - Connections

From 'Connections 2' - Revolutions. You'll have to imagine Burke's learned English accent that makes it sound so damned smart.
.. That's all it takes to get you back to the late 18th century. Three grandfather's lifetimes. That's how close we are to it. And, yet, that world has disappeared so totally, it's like fairyland. Thatched cottages, meadows, happy peasants. A golden age. Garbage, all that. Nasty, brutish, and short - that's what life was all about. And dirty. And boring. And it had been like that for thousands of years! And then, suddenly, the whole complex polluted overpopulated phrenetic nonstop stressful high tech rat race that is the modern world... Life was suddenly no longer as simple as it had been. And the extraordinary thing is, none of that was planned.
Streaming video from Connections - here.

Probably not the single best television series ever - you've got to like that kind of thing to get into it. But it's pretty damned good.
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